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Filtering the OPTIONS Method in Burp

06 Jan 2020 » pentest

UPDATE 2: The extension is now available from the BApp Store.

UPDATE 1: Instead of emptying the response, I decided to comment them out instead so the response body (if there’s any) is still intact.

My first week of 2020 started with testing an application which performs several CORS preflight requests. These “unwanted” preflight requests filled up my Burp’s “HTTP history”. Lots of HTTP Options Method

I wanted to filter out these OPTIONS requests, so I could have an uncluttered “HTTP history”. Unfortunately, Burp does not have an option to do what I wanted. Thankfully, our friend Google is always there to help me. The search result led me to this blog post and @CryptoGangsta has a detailed walkthrough and explanation on how he wrote a Burp Extension to filter out these OPTIONS requests. His post contains a link to his Burp Extension burp-filter-options, so I tried it. The extension worked and was able to change the Content-Type to CSS, but Burp still categorized the responses as JSON instead of CSS. Extension Failed

I reread his post and I tried using the draft version of his extension ( Again, the extension successfully injected the new Content-Type (CSS) header but the original Content-Type (JSON) header still existed. Extension Failed Again

Using the codes from the post, I made the following modifications:

This checks the original response for the presence of Content-Type header. If it exists, remove it. This is done as an assurance that there’s only one Content-Type header in the response.

removeHeaders = ""
for headers in responseHeaders:
    if "Content-Type: " in headers:
        removeHeaders = headers

After injecting the new Content-Type header, comment out the response body. Going back to the first extension that I tried, it can be seen that Burp keep on recognizing the MIME type as JSON even if the Content-Type was already set to CSS. I discovered that this happens because of the presence of {} in the response body.

responseHeaders.add("Content-Type: text/css; charset=UTF-8")
responseBodyBytes = "/* Injected by 'Filter OPTIONS Method'\n\n" + responseBytes[responseInfo.getBodyOffset():] + "\n\nInjected by 'Filter OPTIONS Method' */"
responseModified = self._helpers.buildHttpMessage(responseHeaders, responseBodyBytes)

By doing these modifications, I now got what I wanted! Extension Worked

Now, to filter these OPTIONS requests from “HTTP history”, untick the CSS checkbox under the “Filter by MIME type” option. Filter CSS

That’s it! I tried it on other web applications and it’s also working. Hooray!

Once again, huge thanks to @CryptoGangsta for his blog post.

My version of this Burp extension can be found at: